Ideation Sessions.

In a one day, collaborative, immersive and hands-on session, we will discover, identify, and define your Web 3 and blockchain goals and objectives, specifically to deliver a practical foundation stone strategy designed to deliver on them in the real world.

At the end of this ideation strategy, you will leave with a clear actional plan that covers…

  1. Why you want to enter the Web 3 space
  2. How can you do it
  3. When you should do it
  4. Where you should do it
  5. What you can do it with


How do we do this?

By looking in detail at…

Your Process
Your people
Your products and services


Why do we do this?

Quite simply so together we can create a defined, detailed, and deployable Web 3 NFT & Token strategy for your content, business or services – immediately


What do you get?

A detailed Post-workshop report that covers..

  •       Key goals and objectives identified
  •       Market opportunities identified
  •       Goals and opportunities aligned
  •       An inventory of existing digital assets and assets that can be digitised
  •       An initial Web3 campaign ideated
  •       A detailed project plan to follow
  •       A creative support plan
  •       A tech support plan
  •       A tech deployment plan

Our Workshops.

Ideation Sessions.

The Buzzmint Academy’s workshops are interactive sessions that dive into the world of Web3 and concentrate on giving a full, easy to understand break down of everything that will help you plan for you or your business to enter this new and exciting digital era.


Would you like to contribute?

We are looking for Blockchain and business professionals who would like to be part of the Buzzmint Podcasts. We will be discussing all aspects of Blockchain and how it can or has helped it different business sectors. We already have a range of diverse businesspeople but we always want more.