Our Workshops.

The Buzzmint Academy’s workshops are interactive sessions that dive into the world of Web3 and concentrate on giving a full, easy to understand break down of everything that will help you plan for you or your business to enter this new and exciting digital era.

Our workshops are all structured around the Buzzmint 3 point philosophy.

  1. Demystification – remove the tech jargon
  2. Demonstration – Show don’t tell, through relevant case studies
  3. 3.Deployment – of solid early stage Web3 strategy

Taster Workshop.

Welcome to Web3.

This interactive taster workshop explores all the areas within the developing Web3 world to give a general understanding of its evolution.

  • Blockchain basics
  • NFTs and tokens
  • How the Metaverse looks now and how it might in the future.

This taster workshop is invaluable for anyone who wants to quickly establish a sound foundational knowledge about Web3 – based on facts not fiction.

Workshop 1.

Web 3, defined, detailed
and in-depth.

  • What does Web 3 look like today – from science fiction to science fact?
  • How is it already impacting our lives, the way we operate and engage?
  • How did we get here
  • Why should we care?

Workshop 2.

Web 3 & Blockchain, discovered, delivered and demonstrable.

  • What is the blockchain?
  • Why role does it play in Web3
  • Why does it matter – we cover all the features, the advantages, and benefits in simple layman terms
  • Why is it better (most of the time)
  • When was the last time anyone asked you how the internet works?!

Workshop 3.

The Evolution of the Ape.

  • What are NFTs and digital tokens?
  • What can they be used for?
  • What NFTs are out there
  • Unlock the power of your IP

Workshop 4.

Why does the Meta (verse) Matter?

  • What is the Metaverse?
  • Successful examples
  • How can you move into this brave new world
  • Questions to ask before you make the leap?
  • What life support strategy do you need in the Metaverse?
  • Where can you start to acquire it?

Buzzmint Podcasts – we need new original voices?

We are looking for Blockchain and business professionals who would like to be part of the Buzzmint Podcasts. We will be discussing all aspects of Blockchain and how it can or has helped in different business sectors. We already have a range of diverse business people but we always want more.